Colts Rookie QB Anthony Richardson Might Start Week 1 After Making A Strong Impression

Anthony Richardson

David Eulitt/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts’ rookie quarterback, Anthony Richardson, has already been turning heads during training camp with his impressive skills and surprising pocket awareness.

Initially considered “raw,” Richardson has proven to be more polished than previously believed, according to report from the Kokomo Tribune’s George Bremer. Bremer noted that the Colts coaching staff has been particularly impressed by Richardson’s ability to navigate the pocket and make high-level plays, even during the rookie mini-camp.

Richardson’s exceptional pocket awareness was evident in his college career at the University of Florida, where he showcased an impressive ability to avoid sacks under pressure. In fact, his 2022 sack rate under pressure was the lowest of any quarterback since 2015, as reported by Patrick Kerrane of Legendary Upside.

Despite having only 13 college starts, Richardson seems to be on track to potentially start in Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Colts selected Anthony Richardson as the fourth overall pick in the 2023 Draft and he will now compete with veteran quarterback Gardner Minshew for the starting job in Indianapolis.

As a one-year starter for the Florida Gators, Richardson didn’t accumulate eye-popping statistics, but his physical abilities left spectators in awe. Standing at 6’4″ and weighing 244 pounds, Richardson possesses remarkable athleticism and agility for his size. At the NFL Combine, he delivered one of the best performances in the event’s history, displaying extraordinary arm strength and athleticism.

Richardson’s combine performance was nothing short of extraordinary, as he shattered records with a 40.50″ vertical jump and a 10’09” broad jump. Additionally, he recorded an impressive 40-yard dash time of 4.43 seconds, ranking as the fourth fastest in history. What sets Richardson apart is not only his speed but also his size, making him significantly larger than the three players ahead of him in the fastest 40-yard dash rankings.

However, Richardson’s passing skills, including accuracy, touch, and processing, need refinement at the professional level. Nonetheless, his toughness and pocket awareness provide a solid foundation for further development as a passer.

Following the draft, Colts owner Jim Irsay stated that Richardson would make starts during his rookie season but didn’t specify when. While Richardson is expected to see the field in 2023, Irsay emphasized that he wouldn’t be limited to a specific package of plays. Instead, the Colts envision Richardson competing for the starting role and anticipate him getting valuable game-time experience.

Despite being just 20 years old, Richardson’s potential and projectability make him an intriguing prospect, albeit with some inherent risk. His rushing ability will likely be the key to his early impact in fantasy football, while he hones his passing mechanics and gains experience.

As the Colts continue their offseason preparations, the battle for the starting quarterback position between Anthony Richardson and Gardner Minshew promises to be an exciting storyline. Richardson’s combination of athleticism, pocket awareness, and potential makes him a compelling candidate to lead the Colts’ offense in the upcoming season.

Only time will tell if Richardson’s impressive skills will translate to success on the field and secure him the starting role when Week 1 arrives.