NFL Fans Are Suspect Of Jim Irsay After Colts Announce Matt Ryan As Starter With Jeff Saturday Taking Over

NFL Fans Are Suspect Of Jim Irsay As Colts Make Matt Ryan The Starter

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So the Indianapolis Colts have been a bit on the dramatic side of things lately. With Jeff Saturday replacing Frank Reich as head coach, the franchise remains in the news cycle. However, the team shockingly announced Matt Ryan as the starting quarterback for Saturday’s game and fans are now suspect of Jim Irsay’s decisions.

Fans Are Suspect Of Jim Irsay’s Decisions For Colts

According to Jonathan Jones, “Jim Irsay lets Saturday play with [Matt] Ryan when he wouldn’t with Frank Reich.” It’s an odd situation, as all week leading up to the matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, the Colt led everyone to believe Sam Ehlinger would remain in the starting lineup.

As you can imagine, Ryan playing as the starting quarterback caught the attention of football fans. They believe something is a little fishy, but overall, nobody is understanding the thought process in Indianapolis.

Makes sense, but it’s just an odd way of going about it.

Colts fans are just seeing the current quarterbacks under center.

We’ll see how it all plays out, as Jeff Saturday is going to have the rest of this season to prove himself as a head coach. Even so, it’s hard to ignore how involved Jim Irsay is with the team right now. Maybe he fixes the issues, but it could completely backfire as well.