Colts RB Jonathan Taylor’s Trade Value Falls Short Of 1st Round Pick

Jonathan Taylor

Michael Hickey/Getty Image

The trade value of star running back Jonathan Taylor appears to be falling short of the Indianapolis Colts‘ lofty expectations.

Despite the Colts granting Taylor permission to seek a trade, it seems unlikely that they will net a 1st round pick or a package valued as such, according to insights from 10 NFL front-office executives as reported by Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer.

The Colts’ willingness to part ways with their premier running back sparked intense speculation about the potential return on such a deal. However, the consensus among the NFL executives interviewed by Breer suggests that the team’s ambitions might be overly optimistic.

Breer, who conducted discussions with these executives, revealed their varied assessments of Taylor’s trade value:

  1. An AFC General Manager – 2nd round pick
  2. AFC executive – 3rd and 5th
  3. NFC executive – “Package in the value of 2nd or 3rd”
  4. Second AFC executive – 3rd or 4th
  5. Second NFC executive – 2nd or 3rd, “Less than the Christian McCaffrey trade”
  6. Third NFC executive – “Maybe a day 2 pick”
  7. Third AFC executive – 3rd round pick
  8. Fourth AFC executive  – 2nd round pick
  9. Fourth NFC executive – ”Possibly a day 2 pick”
  10. Fifth NFC executive – 4th round pick that could turn into a 3rd round pick under play-time conidiations.

These assessments collectively indicate that the market may not be willing to meet the Colts’ asking price of a 1st round pick or a package valued similarly.

While Jonathan Taylor’s talent is undeniable, it appears that NFL teams are cautious about overcommitting in the trade market, because Taylor will also need a new contract.