Colts’ Requested Trade Package For Jonathan Taylor Has Everyone Scratching Their Heads

Colts RB Jonathan Taylor

Getty Image / Michael Owens

The Indianapolis Colts have officially given Jonathan Taylor permission to seek a trade after contract negotiations went south.

Shortly after the announcement was made, the Colts already revealed what they hope to receive in a possible trade with another NFL team.

However, based on the fact the franchise refuses to give Taylor a pay raise on a contract extension, many are puzzled by the Colts’ asking price.

According to Stephen Holder at ESPN, Indianapolis is hoping to receive a first-round pick or a package of picks worth that value.

So, to put it bluntly, the Colts want the highest value possible in return despite the fact they don’t want to give him a high-value contract. What kind of message does that send to the league?

And worse, what kind of message does that send to Jonathan Taylor?

Additionally, if a team were to give up a first-round pick for Taylor, they would probably be expected to give him the contract extension the Colts refuse to pay.

If Indy actually believes Taylor is worth a first-round selection, then why wouldn’t they just pay the man? He’s only 24 years old and has proven to be one of the most reliable options in the backfield.

On top of that, having stability in the run game would be great for rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson.

With that said, NFL fans everywhere are seemingly confused by the Colts’ asking price in a potential Jonathan Taylor trade. Especially considering how ironic their asking price is.

Somebody’s been watching old reruns of Pawn Stars.

On the flip side, the league has shown it doesn’t value running backs anymore either. It’s hard to imagine the Colts receiving a first-round pick.

All you need is one “yes.”

We’ll see how this all plays out. The Colts are asking for quite a bit for a guy they refuse to pay.

So, it’ll be interesting to see if any teams make a strong push for the superstar running back.