This Comedian Imitating James Harden, Air-Crossing And Scaring People At Target, Is Too Funny

Comedian Imitates James Harden, Scares People At Target, Too Funny

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I don’t know how some people come with the ideas that they do, but I am sure glad that they do.

A perfect example of this is the video you see below of standup comedian/actor Gerald Huston going to Target dressed up like Rockets All-Star James Harden.

That alone would be pretty funny to see. I’m sure reactions to seeing a person in dressed a full James Harden uni would, by itself, result in some comical reactions.

Huston, however, doesn’t just stop there. He takes it next level.

In addition to looking like Harden, Huston also sneaks up on random Target shoppers and scares them by air-crossing each person, complete with loud sneaker-squeaks, before throwing up an air-tear drop and and almost giving a few people a heart attack in the process.

Check out some of the best reactions to Huston’s Harden shenanigans on Twitter…

That is true.

It really does.