Commanders’ Antonio Gibson’s Admission Has Everyone Wondering If RB Is A Dying Position In The NFL

Commanders RB Antonio Gibson

Getty Image / Scott Taetsch

It’s been a rather eye-opening offseason for running backs in the NFL this offseason. Clearly, the league doesn’t value the position anymore.

Players across the league are trying to find a way to generate better pay for running backs in general. But so far, it’s been to no avail.

Recently, Washington Commanders’ running back Antonio Gibson was asked if he wishes he stayed at wide receiver instead of running back. And his admission has everyone buzzing.

During a sit down interview with with Kay Adams on the Up and Adams show, Gibson admitted that if he could do it all over again, he would play wide receiver.

He also adds that he does like his role with the Commanders though and currently isn’t seeking a position change. Here is his full statement.

Antonio Gibson actually played wide receiver in college before switching over to the running back position after he was drafted by the Commanders.

Clearly, after seeing how running backs are being treated in the NFL, Gibson may wish he remained at wide receiver for his professional career.

With that said, it’s starting to feel like the running back position might be dying in the sport of football. Which is crazy to think considering how important of a role that position plays for every single team at all levels.

Will we see less running backs entering the league in future years?

The NFL needs to find a solution.

I wouldn’t go this far. But an argument can surely be made.

Running backs may very well be a dying breed in the NFL. If the league doesn’t find a way to compensate the position in the way players are hoping, then things could become interesting in the coming years.

Perhaps the college level will end up being where running backs make the most money in their careers thanks to NIL deals.