Ron Rivera’s Latest Comments About Eric Bieniemy Bring Mixed Emotions From Commanders Fans

Ron Rivera and Eric Bieniemy

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The Washington Commanders made a splash hire at offensive coordinator this offseason after reeling in Eric Bieniemy from the Kansas City Chiefs.

It will be Bieniemy’s first time ever calling plays in his pro career, giving him another chance to prove himself worthy of potentially becoming a NFL head coach someday.

However, Commanders fans can’t help but share mixed reactions on Tuesday after head coach Ron Rivera shared quite a bit of details of what’s going on in training camp.

While talking with the media, Rivera was asked about Bieniemy’s presence with the Commanders. However, his response seemed to raise eye brows about Bieniemy’s coaching methods, per Nicki Jhabvala.

As it turns out, Ron Rivera claims that multiple players have come to him with their concerns about Eric Bieniemy. Based on Rivera’s comments, it sounds like some players don’t like Bieniemy’s intensity.

To begin with, it’s perfectly normal for players to question a new coach in the building. In fact, it’s normal and it even sounds like Rivera is going to bat for his new offensive coordinator a little bit.

On the other hand, this is probably information the general public doesn’t need to know about. Maybe it’s time for the Commanders head coach to take a page out of the Bill Belichick notebook and give more generic answers.

With that said, Commanders fans are all over the place with this report.

Some like the intensity Eric Bieniemy is bringing to the club while others are upset with Ron Rivera for giving this answer.

Chiefs fans claim this is normal for Bieniemy.

Eric Bieniemy does have two Super Bowl rings, after all.

Is Ron Rivera on the hot seat?

Meanwhile, some believe this is a perfect example as to why Bieniemy has struggled getting a head coaching gig.

At the end of the day, it’s a bit weird to hear a NFL head coach be so open about what’s going on behind closed doors.

But only time will tell if Eric Bieniemy is the man for the job. If he can get the best out of this offense, the Commanders could be a tough team to play against late in the regular season.