Conor McGregor’s Awesome Gesture To A Fan Is Going Viral Because It’s Bro AF

Some of the recent news that’s come out about Conor McGregor has painted the UFC Featherweight Champion in a poor light–namely likening himself to El Chapo and trashing virtually every UFC fighter in a speech upon receiving an MMA award. I myself was getting a little tired of his seemingly childish behavior and I love me a good shit talker.

But the most recent news to surround Mystic Mac is nothing but good vibes. And I believe that when it comes to celebrities, when there is no media in your face and no public persona to uphold, what they do then captures the true essence of who they are.

McGregor recently made a surprise appearance in the Irish city of Galway. Hundreds of people flooded the streets to get a glimpse of the hottest thing in UFC, and while his security helped him navigate through the sea of people, McGregor stopped amidst the chaos to give special attention to one fan in particular.

The initial post has all the fixings to go viral, amassing close to 50,000 likes in the hours since its been posted.

Chalk this up to another win for McGregor–and if you’re counting at home, that’s currently 16 in a row.

[h/t LADbible]

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