64-Year-Old Fan Calls Conor McGregor On ‘Muscle Ups’ Challenge, Conor Responds Like A Class Act

by 9 months ago
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This 64-year-old gentleman made a video challenging MMA worldwide superstar Conor McGregor to do some ‘muscle ups’. Conor saw this video sent to him from the sexagenarian fan and responded by trying to bust out some ‘muscle ups’ of his own, which Conor was actually able to pull off with great (not perfect) form. It’s pretty cool to see a star as big as Conor McGregor taking time out of his day to respond to a fan on YouTube.

Conor McGregor’s only 28-years-old, which is almost hard to believe because it seems like he’s been just printing cash for years now. But, he’s only 28-years-old so he has A LOT of time to work on his form before he hits this gentleman’s age. Nevertheless, the 64-year-old man clearly has the superior form and Conor now has something to work towards.

If I’m capable of busting out ‘Muscle Ups’ with perfect form at 64-years-old I will be beyond happy with the state of my life. Frankly, I can’t imagine myself living to be that old with the current state of my proclivity for binge drinking. But by the time we’re all in our 60’s doctors will surely have come up with a remedy for decades of party abuse on the body, right? That’s what I keep telling myself.

As for the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight, Conor keeps firing chip shots on social media (as does Floyd), and the hype continues to build around the possibility of this super fight. You can find all of our coverage on that here. The MGM Grand in Vegas is booked for August 26, so this might actually happen after all.

[h/t Reddit’s r/videos]

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