Conor McGregor Makes Bold Prediction About KO Record & UFC Fans Call Him Out For It

Conor McGregor

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

UFC Fight Night took place in Charlotte, NC this past Saturday and it lived up to the hype.

Especially the prelims, where veteran Matt Brown took on Court McGee. That bout ended in a knockout win for Brown, making it his 13th KO win in his career.

He now holds the record for most career KO’s with Derrick Lewis.

After the fight, Conor McGregor congratulated Matt Brown for his KO feat. In the same tweet, McGregor made a bold prediction that has UFC fans calling him out.

According to McGregor, he plans to surpass the knockout record Matt Brown and Derrick Lewis currently hold.

Look, it’s not out of the realm for McGregor to reach this goal. Plenty of fighters hang around well into their 30s.

However, achieving five more KOs just to tie the record seems like an uphill battle for Conor McGregor. Especially considering he hasn’t quite been the same since becoming the double champ.

In fact, he’s been a bit under whelming for several years now and UFC fans couldn’t help but remind him about it.

A KO win over Michael Chandler would be impressive, to say the least.

Everything is possible in video games.

McGregor is going to have to take a lot more fights than he has recently.

We’ll see if he can get back to the top of the UFC rankings.

He’s set up to fight Michael Chandler, but for now, a date is yet to be announced. Conor McGregor will have a chance to earn his ninth career KO win. But nobody is sure exactly when that fight will take place.

With that said, look for McGregor to potentially get back to action sooner, rather than later. Especially one the new season of The Ultimate Fighter begins airing.