The 21 Coolest College Football Uniforms of 2013 (So Far)

They were articles of clothing, not fashion. It wasn’t trendy to wear solid colors or chrome helmets. All you needed was a football and some pads.

Those boring days of yesterday are long gone. Thank goodness. Because today, we get to enjoy football with an added bonus, cool ass uniforms.

And what is the harm in that? That is our team, those are our battle cries, and they are the soldiers leading us into battle. So let’s look intimidating for a few hours, right?

From Baylor to Nevada to all over the USA, college football teams have taken notice of the fashion trend to add extra alternate uniforms to their arsenal. Some of these uniforms are only worn once or on special occasions, so be ready.

Here are the 21 coolest alternate college football uniforms of 2013 (so far).

21. Northwestern Patriotic

This was a late but necessary addition. I was done with this post when I noticed them yesterday and I had to include because these are wow. Just wow. 

20. Iowa State (20’s Throwback)

In the 1920’s, the first African-American player in Iowa State history named Jack Trice  wore these uniforms. They were worn this season on September 14th against their heated rivals Iowa. These uniforms were worn as a tribute to one of the programs most impactful players.

19. Northwestern (Stormtrooper)

The goal of these uniforms were simle, represent the white stormtroopers from Star Wars. And they did so in their opening game against California winning 44-30. Although we might not agree that a stormtrooper is as menacing as they would have imagined.

18. Houston Cougars (Halloween Night)

If you are going to be playing a football game on Halloween night, you better have the intimidating gear to go along with the atmosphere. These uniforms are not only bad ass, they are perfect for a night of terror on the football field.

17. Mississippi State (Hail State)

When the Bulldogs of Mississippi State take on the Ole Miss Rebels for the annual “Egg Bowl”, the State guys are going to be rocking the dark maroon uniforms with the phrase “Hail State” plastered across the front of it. Win or lose, these just might be the coolest thing to come from Mississippi since Archie Manning.

16. Nevada (Battle Born)

Nevada once had a QB by the name of Colin Kaepernick and all they did was win, win, win. Now all they do is win, lose, lose. But who cares, right? They look amazing in those chrome battle born helmets.

15. West Virginia

West Virginia is going through a rebuilding phase now that Geno Smith and every other offensive weapon in their arsenal are gone but when they walk out onto that field rocking the all-white uni’s…look out! Going with all white is usually not a good idea but they figured out a way to make it work.

14. Tennessee (Smokey Gray)

Remember when Tennessee almost upset Georgia in OT in one of the wildest games of the 2013 season? They were wearing the Smokey Gray’s. Coincidence? I think not.

13. Kansas

We said that going with an all-white uniform is usually not a great idea, right? Well, besides WVU figuring it out, Kansas did too. They used just enough blue on the pants to make this one work. Too bad they suck this season, otherwise we would have recommended wearing these uniforms all year long.

12. Fresno State (Blackout)

The NCAA has made it illegal for the numbers on a jersey to match the color on the jersey. For example, you can’t have black numbers on a black jersey. Fresno State said OK and went ahead with the blood red numbers on the all black everything jersey.

11. Appalachian State (Yosef)

The first thing we are going to hear is, “What the crap is a Yosef?” Well, it is their mascot, as pictured on the helmet shown here. Oh and their gloves spell out “Boom” in case you were wondering.

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10. Texas Tech (Guns Up)

Texas Tech is one of the bigger surprises of the 2013 football season and could be the team that can finally slow down the Baylor offense later this season. They are going to have to do it with another uniform because they already rocked these back in September against TCU.

9. Rutgers

Rutgers is proving that you don’t have to win games to be popular. These alternate uniforms are about as cool as the next ones you are about to see but since they can’t seem to buy a victory, the intimidation factor is very low.

8. Nebraska

Black, red, and white. Three colors that can either be combined to make something amazing or disgusting. Nebraska took it to a whole new level by adding a facemask that fades from red to black.

7. Notre Dame (Shamrock Series)

Not many people are big fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. In fact, they are probably one of the most hated teams on the planet. That doesn’t mean they can’t look amazing and awesome, right?

6. Oregon (All-Green)

Oregon has about 4,094,475 different uniform combinations to chose from, make your pick.

5. UNC

North Carolina using black was a bad idea especially with the baby blue helmets. Wait, they are going with the black helmets too? Now that is what we are talking about. Baby blue and black has become our newest favorite color combination.

4. UCLA (LA Midnight)

There is nothing more intimidating than the UCLA alternate’s to be worn for the November 15th game against the Washington Huskies. There is just something about the Bruins blue, midnight black, and gold color combo that gets our juices pumping.

3. East Carolina (Blackout)

It appears that black uniforms are the coolest things in the history of the world. And they are but when you add in a skull and cross bones to a helmet that has needed a revamp, nothing is cooler.

2. Missouri

Sure, tigers are awesome, this isn’t new information. But when Missouri blew up the tiger on their black matte helmets, added a metallic finish, and went with the white uniforms, it was hard to chose anyone else above them. This uniform could have been the coolest of the 2013 season. However…

1. Baylor

Baylor happened. And they scored about 349 points since we started this post. Wait, they just scored again.