NFL Fans Doubt The Existence Of The Salary Cap As Rams Extend Cooper Kupp

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  • Cooper Kupp led the NFL in catches, yards and receiving touchdowns in 2021
  • Now, Kupp appears to be on the verge of receiving a monstrous new contract for his efforts
  • NFL fans are beginning to doubt the existence of the salary cap as the Rams continue to throw money around
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Los Angeles Rams’ wide receiver Cooper Kupp is about to get paid. Really, really paid.

Reports began to surface Wednesday evening that Kupp was in line to receive an extension that would take him over the $20 million mark per year.

That would land Kupp, who was drafted by the Rams in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft, among the highest paid receivers in the league. Miami Dolphins’ wideout Tyreke Hill currents holds the distinction as the league’s highest paid receiver at $30 million per year.

Cooper Kupp Joins Aaron Donald With New Deal

The Kupp news comes just two days after All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald also received a new deal from the Rams. That deal will reportedly make Donald the highest-paid non-quarterback in the entire NFL.

Los Angeles has been able to continually bring in big name free agents and sign its star players to extensions despite being up against the league’s salary cap. Though it’s all within the structure of the league’s current rules.

Fans across the league, however, are suspect of their tactics.

Rams fans have continued to take pleasure in the dismay of fans of the other 31 teams’ fans.

Good luck to the rest of the league now that Kupp and Donald are back in the fold in Los Angeles.