Creepy Article Wonders If Steph Curry Secretly Wants To Bang His Mom

There’s a long delay until the start of the NBA finals so a lot of news publications have to fill in the time with goofy articles.

The first example comes from the Sun-Times where author Matthew Schwerh who asks whether Steph Curry secretly has an oedipal complex.

The author of the study, biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, takes a look at the Oedipal complex through a 21st century lens.

Fast forward to 2015, and is Stephen Curry the perfect example of the updated version of the Oedipal complex? He’s not looking to murder Dell Curry to get to Sonya Curry, but instead married Ayesha Curry because she is similar to his Sonya.

Like Sonya, Ayesha is religious, beautiful and appears to be a very good mother.

Here’s a video of Sonya Curry for those that don’t know who she is.

I mean Sonya Curry is a milf and she’s hot but even for a slow news week this is pretty absurd.

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