Cris Collinsworth Claims NBC Would Offer Fans A Hellish ‘SNF’ Scenario If They ‘Had Their Choice’

Cris Collinsworth on set for Sunday Night Football.

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Football season is finally upon us as the NFL regular season creeps closer. Soon, we’ll have our first Sunday Night Football matchup, a contest between the Cowboys and Giants.

According to NBC host Cris Collinsworth, the network would have one of those teams on SNF every weekend if they could.

The color analyst spoke with Dan Patrick this week, and he was asked an interesting question about Dallas.

“Explain to me the difference of people talking about the Cowboys because they know that gets clicks, it’s the biggest fanbase out there, and the reality of just how good the Cowboys are,” Patrick said.

“How much coverage [they get compared] to how good are they going to be. How close are those two entities?”

Collinsworth’s response wasn’t necessarily surprising, but it would present a hellish scenario for many NFL viewers.

“It’s a really good question. I mean, historically, it was they were really great for a decade, and then they really weren’t for a long time. Yet if NBC had their choice, we would do 17 Dallas Cowboys games.

“It doesn’t even matter what their record is. They can be 4-6, and we would take them… It’s insanity but it’s true. They draw the ratings. They get it done.”

Seventeen Sunday nights of Dallas football? While they are America’s Team, they’re likely the nation’s most hated squad, too.

Luckily, NBC doesn’t make that decision.

Cris Collinsworth talks more Cowboys, gives his surprising Super Bowl pick.

The SNF host then got back to the topic of ratings versus performance in Dallas. He says that the Cowboys are “an intriguing team” heading into 2023.

“It’s going to be an interesting story… No Kellen Moore calling the plays. That was a pretty good offense, but Dak Prescott threw an extraordinary number of interceptions last year in a very limited time.

“They signed Brandin Cooks this year. They signed Stephon Gilmore. They’ve got probably the best defensive player in football right now… So yeah, they’re an intriguing team.”

The Cowboys are coming off back-to-back 12-win campaigns, though both postseasons ended without a Super Bowl. Collinsworth doesn’t see Dallas taking home any hardware this season, either.

Instead, for the first time, he’s choosing the Cincinnati Bengals.

“The Bengals,” the SNF host responded when asked about his Super Bowl pick. “It’s time… Who’s better at this point in time than the Cincinnati Bengals? I’ve never picked them, not once in my career. It’s their year, I think they can do it.”

We’ll soon see how the season plays out. Week 1 kicks off with a Thursday night matchup between the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs and the Lions.