Cristiano Ronaldo Blasted For Taking Credit For A Goal He Didn’t Even Score

Cristiano Ronaldo Blasted For Taking Credit For A Goal He Didn't Score

Getty Image / Markus Gilliar – GES Sportfoto

Portugal scored a magnificent goal to go up 1-0 over Uruguay in their FIFA World Cup match. However, Cristiano Ronaldo is receiving some flack for it. After going up and whiffing on his header attempt, the legendary soccer star acted like he scored the goal. When in reality, his teammate Bruno Fernandes records the point scored.

FOX Soccer shows the replay where you can clearly see the ball missing Ronaldo’s head. Although he did put in a strong effort to drill the ball into the back of the net, it was totally unneeded. Even so, Cristiano Ronaldo acted as if he was the one who scored the goal instead of Bruno Fernandes.

As you can imagine, FIFA World Cup fans began roasting Ronaldo immediately after pretending to score on Uruguay. Officials eventually awarded Bruno Fernandes the goal. But that’s not stopping soccer fans from blasting Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Lionel Messi fans make their case.

Maybe Ronaldo can partake in an acting career once he finishes playing soccer.

Hey, at the end of the day, the goal counted and that’s likely all Portugal cares about. Maybe Cristiano Ronaldo will talk about his non-goal after the game. But, we’re just glad Bruno Fernandes is getting the credit he deserves.