Cristiano Ronaldo is the Type of Person Who Stands on His Tippy Toes to Look Taller in Photos


Don’t you have enough, Cristiano Ronaldo? Do you have to be tall too? Don’t countless millions, impossibly beautiful women and international acclaim for playing a child’s game do anything to combat any feelings of height-based inadequacy?

Apparently not.

The proof is right here in this photo of Real Madrid posing for a team photo.

Personally, I love this move. Ronaldo is a competitor and is always looking for an edge. If it requires a casual pre-game calf raise to look more intimidating, so be it. One doesn’t get to the head of the class by not raising one’s hand. The world belongs to assertive people and his track record speaks for itself.

Perhaps next time he can knee the person on front of him in the lower back a split second before the photo is taken to make himself look even taller. That right there is the work of a win-at-all-costs champion.

[Via Bleacher Report]


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