Someone Created A ’30 For 30′ Trailer For Crying Jordan Meme And I’d Absolutely Watch

YoungQwan and Qwantity Media Present: The Greatest Cry.

Michael Jordan sat in the stands during the championship game of the NCAA tournament and almost all of Twitter had the same reaction — there was potential for an avalanche of Crying Jordan memes and they were going to flood feed whether North Carolina won or lost.

North Carolina lost and the avalanche covered social media for two days. It was enough to make anyone cry “ALRIGHT STOP!”

There really seems to be no end to the Crying Jordan meme. So long as there are sporting events, his Airness will be there in photoshop form to blubber about the results. Since we’ve come this far, going back seems natural, and that’s why this parody 30 For 30 needs to happen.