Dan Haren Dropped An A+ Burn On Curt Schilling After He Tweeted About Lynching Journalists


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Curt Schilling, master of horrendously bad takes and allegedly fake glory-hound, was back at it again on Monday.

Spotting a man wearing a shirt at a Donald Trump rally wearing a shirt that advocated the lynching of journalists which read “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required.” Schilling tweeted, “So much awesome.”

For some reason, Schilling was once again surprised that people disagreed with yet another one of his hot takes.

Schilling later deleted the tweet, but it didn’t stop former MLB pitcher Dan Haren from dropping this epic burn on Schilling referencing his historic “bloody sock” moment…

Well played, Mr. Haren, well played.

H/T The Big Lead, Uproxx

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