Curt Schilling Hosted A Reddit AMA, Ripped ESPN A New One Once Again

Like death and taxes, former MLB pitcher and ESPN employee Curt Schilling going off about something is always bound to happen. As we’ve seen over the past few months, that’s obvious.

And ol’ Curt was at it again the other day when he hosted a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and fully took advantage of his First Amendment, going as unfiltered as all of us would expect Schilling to be. Here’s some of what the three-time World Series champ said—which, of course, includes ripping ESPN…again.

When a question about the Worldwide Leader came up, here’s what he said:

“It’s a liberal mindset. They think if they don’t acknowledge the accusations then they aren’t true. Up top it’s the most exclusive fraudulent bunch of phonies ever.”

So, you’re saying you would never return to ESPN, then?

“The only danger is if you HAVE To work for someone you don’t respect and that doesn’t respect the 1st Amendment. This “represents our company” bullshit is laughable. Why on earth would anyone care what people they don’t know, think?”

What’re your thoughts on ESPN editing out your bloody sock game during the re-airing of the Boston Red Sox 30 for 30?

“…I just look at that as another dumb ass move by dumb asses.”

Telling the forum that he’s likely to join SiriusXM on its conservative Patriot channel to host a talk show, Curt Schilling won’t have to worry too much about the wild things he says. In other news, Schilling blocked me on Twitter for expressing my opinions about him, so, yeah, that’s a little bit backwards, but keep on keepin’ on, Curt!

[H/T Awful Announcer]

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