Chicago’s ABC Station Goes With Bold ‘Cut Him Or Cut Your Wrists’ Chryon For Jay Cutler Story

Chicago Bears fans aren’t exactly enamored with their handsomely compensated quarterback right now. But you won’t find a bolder take on the Jay Cutler situation than the one fired off by ABC 7 during last night’s nightly news.

Sports anchor Mark¬†Giangreco appeared on camera with a chryon reading “Cut Him Or Cut Your Wrists” over his left shoulder.

This is noteworthy because one does not often find suicide jokes on the nightly sports report … for some reason.

While the station’s passion for the Bears is undeniable, it’s probably best to find a safer bit of wordplay.

It will be interesting to see what the bigwigs at Halas Hall do now. Keeping Cutler around was going to be a tough sell even before his presence meant a suicide epidemic in the Windy City.

[H/T: Barstool Sports, @itsNOSAJ]