Dad Kicks Oversized Soccer Ball Towards Son, Ends Badly For Kid

by 4 years ago

With the U.S. women’s soccer team recently winning the Women’s World Cup, and the U.S. men’s team competing in the Gold Cup, it seems that everyone in our great country has taken up the game of soccer in some form, having no cure for their fever.

As someone who has played the sport since I was about three years old, I can tell you that my love has never wavered, but I was always skeptical if and when it would catch on to others in the United States.

Remembering the days in the front yard with my mom and dad, kicking the ball around and pretending I was former Italian superstar Roberto Baggio, I had plenty of moments that helped shape my passion for the game.

However, had I been like this little kid—who endured an oversized soccer ball to the dome, knocking him to the ground and causing him to cry hysterically—the love for the game may have been a little bit different.

Even if the video’s title wasn’t, “Man kicks large soccer ball knocks down boy,” you can tell that, from the very beginning of this video, something bad was going to happen.

I mean, shit, getting hit by something that, probably, felt like an exercise ball on the head had to hurt, so I can’t blame the kid if he gives a big-time middle finger to the sport for the rest of his life. One bad experience will do that to a person.

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