Dad Who Went Viral For Surprising His Son With A Birthday Baseball Bat Catches A HR Hit By His Kid

Dad Catches Home Run Hit By Son

Devon Fowler

Last Summer, Devon Fowler went crazy viral after a video hit the Internet showing him surprise his son with a baseball bat for his birthday. The dad tricked the son into thinking he forgot his big day and his son got all grumpy on the drive to his Little League game (video below). Dad then told his son to go get something out of the car’s trunk, and that’s when the waterworks begin. “Don’t cry,” the dad tells his son. “You’re about to make me cry.” Dad’s crying, the son is crying, and now you’re crying because the video is so good.

Well, it’s been 12 months and Devon Fowler’s son is still swinging that bat he got for his birthday and there’s a new video going viral. Joe over at Busted Coverage shared the second video a little bit ago. In this new clip, we see Devon filming from the outfield while his son’s up to the plate. Before we know what’s happened, Devon’s son smashes a dinger and against all odds, Devon catches the home run ball hit by his son using the bat that he gave him last year…You’ll need to turn up the volume a little bit to hear dad’s reaction…”I wanna see some home runs, I love you.” is how the previous video ended, now we’ve got this:


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If you haven’t seen the original video, the one from last year where dad surprises his son with a bat for his birthday, you really need to watch that one as well. Here you go, just make sure you’re ready for a one-way trip aboard the Feels Train:

All. The. Feels.

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