Dumb Dallas Cowboys Fans Think A Fake News Story About Tony Romo And Jason Witten Being In A Relationship Is Real

Dallas Cowboys fans are an easy target to stop — They’re mouth-breathers who frequent the energy drink cooler at 7/11, wear Bluetooth ear pieces, and never stop defending Jerry Jones/Greg Hardy, usually in the comments of NFL Memes Facebook pages. Generally look like this, as the great David Couvucci once wrote:

While traveling through an airport in middle America, [the Dallas Cowboys fan] is usually a 240-pound dude trying to finish his 32 oz. Arby’s cup full of diet soda before reaching the TSA checkpoint, hooting “HOW BOUT DEM BOYS,” his Dez Bryant jersey tucked into his jean shorts, which are cinched tightly around his waist with a woven, black leather belt.

If you’re friends with any Dallas Cowboys fans on Facebook, you’ve probably seen them respond or share a very fake viral news story from Huzlers.com headlined “Tony Romo And Jason Witten Admit To Homosexual Romance.” Literally thousands of people have shared it on Facebook since it was published.

You have to have the IQ of a potato to realize this is clearly not real. It’s not even really that funny, but whatever — people sharing stupid fake “news” stories is all the rage on Facebook these days.

That said, SOME Cowboys fans think this is real and are shocked/outraged/”can’t believe it!” — zero sarcasm. It’s funny because LOL… Cowboys fans = dumb.

Yeah guys, a “news report” from a website with stories like this is 100% legit.

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