Authors Pen Study Claiming Dallas Cowboys Have Best Fans In The NFL, Have Apparently Never Met A Cowboys Fan


There is a reason we put some much stock in observable, empirical data.

Because rigorously but dispassionately testing hypotheses is how we have achieved some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs in world history. The elimination of polio. Cancer treatments. Everything we know about the observable universe. It’s all been produced by recording and analyzing data without allowing bias to inform the final conclusion.

So to the authors at Emory University who looked at “fifteen years of data on NFL team performance, ticket prices, market populations, median incomes, won-loss records and multiple other factors” to determine which NFL franchise has the league’s best fan base, I can find no fault with your method, and therefore not fault with your conclusion that the Dallas Cowboys have the best fans in all of football.


I wonder if any of the authors of this study have ever actually encountered a Dallas Cowboys fan. You know, like while travelling through an airport in middle America, a 240-pound dude trying to finish his 32 oz. Arby’s cup full of diet soda before reaching the TSA checkpoint, hooting “HOW BOUT DEM BOYS,” his Dez Bryant jersey tucked into his jean shorts, which are cinched tightly around his waist with a woven, black leather belt.

The best?

There is no amount of data that can disprove this dude exists, and that disproves any conclusion these ‘scientists’ may have reached.

Sometimes anecdotal evidence triumphs.

In case you needed anymore proof this list is shit, the fourth best fans in the NFL are allegedly Ravens fans.

Ravens fans.

[Via Pro Football Talk]