NFL Reduces Dalvin Cook’s Fine To Under $6K With Some Hilarious Contingencies

NFL Reduces Dalvin Cook's Fine To Under $6K With Some Hilarious Contingencies

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The NFL fined Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook $7,426 last week for throwing a ball into the crowd after scoring a 53-yard touchdown against the Miami Dolphins.

It’s a massive sum for such a trivial violation, but it’s nothing new in the No Fun League. Earlier this season, 49ers safety George Odum and Rams kicker Matt Gay were both fined $5K for failing to wear their uniforms properly.

Luckily for Cook, the NFL reduced his fine to $5,941 this week. However, it came with some comical contingencies. First, Cook must complete an online remedial training course and he must also not be fined again in 2022.

Dalvin Cook Shares Hilarious Response To NFL Reducing His Fine

At least for now, the star running back appears to have learned his lesson. Cook even gave his best Bart Simpson impression via Twitter in response to the NFL’s reduction.

“4 will not throw [football] in the stands after touchdown,” he tweeted four times like writing lines on a chalkboard.

Whether Cook will actually follow through to receive the fine reduction is certainly up for debate. The $1,485 that he would save is chump change compared to his $63 million contract extension with the Vikings.

While the two tasks are simple enough, the online training course seems incredibly boring to sit through. It’s hard to imagine Cook would think that it’s worth his time either.

More importantly, what could possibly be included in the course that would encourage him to stop throwing balls into the stands anyways?

With three touchdowns in his last two games, the Vikings RB will look to add to his season tally against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Unfortunately for fans in attendance, it seems Cook won’t be handing out souvenirs to the crowd anymore.