Rams Kicker Matt Gay Rips NFL Over $5K Pant Length Fine With Hilarious Photos

Rams Kicker Matt Gay Rips NFL Over $5K Pant Length Fine With Hilarious Photos

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Players may not appreciate the NFL’s bizarre rules regarding uniforms, but at least the league is being consistent about it.

During the preseason this year, 49ers safety George Odum was handed a $5k fine for failing to cover up his knees. For a quick reminder, the NFL rules state “pants must be worn over the knee area; pants shortened or rolled up to meet the stockings above the knee are prohibited” (Rule 5, Section 4, Article 3, Item d).

It seems that rule has found its next victim only one week into the regular season. On Friday, Rams kicker Matt Gay tweeted out photos of himself showcasing “how to dress as a kicker in the @NFL per @nflcommish to avoid a $5k pant length fine.”

Matt Gay Trolls NFL Over Ridiculous $5k Pant Length Fine

It appears he was fined $5k after the Rams’ season opener for failing to wear his pants below the knees. Gay typically wears his pants high up (almost like biker shorts) and has been doing so since his time in Tampa Bay.

The photos he posted, where his uniform follows the NFL’s rules, are hilarious. They’re clearly baggy and just don’t look right. It’s easy to imagine how the pants might get in the way of one’s kicking motion too.

Gay made that point by jokingly thanking the NFL for helping him “feel safe” and allowing him to do his job “super well” now with the right uniform. It’s A1 trolling from the Rams kicker.

Even fellow Ram Jalen Ramsey chimed in on the ridiculous uniform rules. It seems he shares the same sentiments, calling the situation a joke.

Another Rams teammate, David Long, might’ve said it best. Of all things, THIS is the hill the NFL wants to die on? That’s pretty wild…


Even more so, the feelings appear the same across the league. Broncos safety Kareem Jackson expressed his frustrations with the league focusing on these rules that have no real impact on the game. Most people would agree that’s a reasonable complaint.

Saints RB Alvin Kamara was more amused by how the Rams kicker looked in the awkwardly fitting uniform. He jokingly suggests that everyone should adopt Gay’s new style. Now that’d be a hilarious sight to see.

Ultimately, it’s just another classic case of the NFL being the NFL. Unfortunately for Matt Gay, it seems like something he’ll have to continue dealing with for now.