Damian Lillard Threatens To Get His Raiders Tattoo Removed If The Team Cuts Antonio Brown

Damian Lillard Responds To Paul George Calling Game-Winner A Bad Shot

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Can you believe that there are contributing members of society that still empathize with Antonio Brown? Like he’s not even a fun douche, he’s just an annoying petulant child douche. He’s got zero Ochocinco in him. No charisma. Just a wildly talented football player who thinks the sun shines out of his own ass.

Damian Lillard, a basketball player who I respect, is one of the few remaining public figures who is on Team AB after the receiver threatened to assault his general manager for fining him for failing to show up to his job.

Dame grew up in Oakland and has been a huge Raiders fan ever since, to the point where he got the Raiders logo tattooed on his shooting arm’s elbow crease last summer.

TMZ ran into Lillard at the NBA 2K20 event in L.A. on Thursday and asked him about where he stands on the saga. He firmly stands with the douche.

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