Portland Trail Blazers Owner Jody Allen Goes Rogue, Is Reportedly Ghosting Star Player Damian Lillard

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Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard has had a busy offseason.

First Lillard was a big part of the Blazers trading for Jerami Grant from the Detroit Pistons. Then he set his sights on a bigger fish, trying to recruit Brooklyn Nets wantaway Kevin Durant. Now Lillard is trying to make sure he’s taken care of as well.

The six-time NBA All-Star is reportedly seeking a two-year contract extension worth over $100 million, according to Bleacher Report NBA writer Jake Fischer. The only problem? Blazers owner Jody Allen doesn’t seem particularly interested in talking to Lillard right now.

Jody Allen Is Reportedly Ghosting Damian Lillard

In a shocking report in the New York Post, Sara Nathan reports that Blazers owner Jody Allen is refusing to even speak with Lillard.

Allen took over the team in 2018 after the death of her brother, Microsoft owner Paul Allen. Despite being mired in controversy, Allen recently stated that she’ll sell neither the Blazers nor the Seattle Seahawks, which she also owns, despite the wishes of her brother.

Nike founder Phil Knight reportedly made a $2 billion offer for the NBA franchise in recent weeks.

But that still doesn’t seem to explain Allen’s issue with Lillard, who has been the face of the franchise for the better part of a decade. A Blazers source told the NY Post the following:

“Damian wanted to sit down and have a conversation with Jody about the team and she didn’t return his call. Then he tried to email her. Eventually she just never responded and put him in touch with Bert,” the source alleged. “When you own a team, there are critical key decisions to make and you should be the one involved in making the decisions.”

If Allen won’t sell the team and won’t respond to Lillard, it may not be long before another superstar is on the move in the NBA.