Dan Campbell Blasted For Costly Decision At The End Of The Lions’ Loss To Minnesota

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Dan Campbell is receiving some criticism for his decision making late in a Lions’ defeat to division rival Minnesota Sunday. The costly choice likely was the difference between a Detroit win and a close loss.

Late in action, with the Lions leading 24-21, Detroit faced a fourth-and-four from Minnesota’s 36 yard-line. Rather than go for the first down, Campbell decided to bring the field goal unit onto the field. Austin Seibert missed that 54-yard field goal, his second miss on the afternoon.

The Vikings would get the ball and drive down the field for a game-winning touchdown to escape with a 28-24 win. Fans on social media were quick to call out Campbell’s decision to kick on that fourth-quarter drive.

Fans call out Dan Campbell for costly decision

Campbell had played aggressively over the first three quarters of the game, going for and converting four fourth-down plays. Unfortunately, the Lions got conservative on that late-game drive.

The Detroit head coach instantly regretted his decision, apologizing to his team and fans after the game.

“I freaking regret my decision there at the end. I should’ve gone for it on fourth down. I told the team that I should’ve gone for it.”

While he understands in hindsight that he made the wrong choice, it didn’t stop fans from blasting him online. Check out the immediate reaction on social media.

One fan wrote, “Ballgame. Dan Campbell gave his team the lead with aggressive decision making, then put his team in a spot it could not overcome with that FG attempt,” noting the change in strategy when the game was on the line.

Another poster commented, “You always need to bet on yourself to get the W, not relying on stopping the other team. Dan Campbell did that all game until it mattered,” mirroring that same sentiment.

Many others felt the same. “Dan Campbell, you have to be better. You have to. You can’t be aggressive at all times except when it matters.”

Fans were peeved after that defeat as the Lions had a chance to move to 2-1 on the year while getting a huge win over a division rival in the process. This Lions’ fan said, “I haven’t been this mad after a Lions loss in years. This loss is 100% on Dan Campbell and his idiocy. Insane. This is a Ron Rivera coached game.”

This fan’s reaction pretty much sums up the decision in a nutshell, “That 4th down decision wasn’t gritty, tough, hard-nosed, aggressive or smart. Dan Campbell blew it.” Campbell has preached those pillars to his team, but when it mattered most, he didn’t follow that line of thinking.

Detroit will look to rebound from this defeat in Week 4 when they take on the Seahawks. Tonight, though, he might find himself drinking away his sorrows after a deflating loss.