Dan Orlovsky Makes Huge Fart Sound During ‘Pat McAfee’ Interview, Sends Studio Into Hysterics

Dan Orlovsky looks on prior to NFL game

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ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky made what sounded exactly like a gigantic fart during an interview on The Pat McAfee Show then denied it on Tuesday.

Now, anyone who has followed Dan Orlovsky over the years knows what a strange dude he is. From sniffing Molly Qerim’s shoes to his highly questionable personal hygiene habits, he seems to often be doing something odd.

Throw in the fact that in 2022 during an episode of Monday Night Countdown Orlovsky also created some sort of audible fart sound (that he claimed he made with his mouth) and Tuesday’s moment is hardly even surprising.

Hilarious? Yes. Surprising? Not really.

Here’s how it went down.

Dan Orlovsky and Pat McAfee were talking about making a comparison of Caitlin Clark to Wayne Gretkzy when it comes to being the best in your sport at both scoring and assists when suddenly it sounded like Dan let one rip.

“Dan! Dan! Another farting Dan Orlovsky situation just took place!” Pat McAfee shouted with a look of comical surprise on his face.

Orlovsky proceeded to literally act like he had zero idea why McAfee and the rest of the folks in the studio were screaming and laughing.

“Your butt was just talking!” McAfee explained to Orlovsky, still feigning ignorance. “Your butt just farted into the phone again like you were on Monday Night Football.”

“What do you mean?” Orlovsky asked McAfee with a look of semi-confusion on his face.

“You remember Monday Night Football when you had your microphone and you went to sneeze and you bent down and it caught your fart?”

Orlovsky still continued to act like he had no idea what McAfee was telling him, despite the studio crew shouting things like “you pooped your pants, Dan” at him.

“We heard you fart!” Pat McAfee continued, trying get Dan to admit what happened. “We heard your butt just fart in the middle of your take.”

“Are you guys being serious right now or are you messing with me?” Orlovsky continued.

After some more banter, Pat eventually replayed the clip of him farting so Dan could hear it for himself and only then does he admit that it sounded like a massive fart. Which he then claimed was the sound of his windshield wipers.

Was it? Was it really? You make the call.

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