Comedian Dan Soder Does Impersonation Of Randy Savage As ISIS Leader And It’s Absolutely Outstanding

Dan Soder was a co-host/guest/person not named Opie on The Anthony Cumia Show and the two comedians starting riffing about ISIS making threats to New York City. Cumia commented that threatening New York with terroristic is like the “airplane peanut” joke of terrorism. Cumia then turned the threat into a terrible wrestling promo.

This prompted Soder into THE GREATEST IMPERSONATION OF RANDY “MACHO MAN” SAVAGE EVER. Soder channeled Randy Savage to be the leader of ISIS and cut a promo on New York that sounds almost exactly like a ramble from the Macho Man himself.

Seriously, shut your eyes and listen and tell me it doesn’t sound exactly like a Macho Man promo. Hell, it could be a Macho Man promo! Macho Man would often spew some insane shit in his promos. Watch…

[via With Spandex]