Dana White Teases Big ‘Power Slap’ News, Promises To Make The Haters ‘Eat Sh–‘


Dana White isn’t backing down from the Power Slap critics.

In two weeks, Power Slap will run its first PPV event live from Las Vegas on March 11th.
Despite the heavy criticism from people who believe the new sport is “too violent,” White promised some big news ahead of the Power Slap event that will make the haters “eat sh–‘.

“Got some big news coming soon for Power Slap, for all you haters, get ready; I’m going to make you guys fuc-ing eat sh–”

(Video via Inside Fighting)

In the past few weeks, White has gone on the offensive defending the new sport. During an interview with Jim Rome, White compared the Power Slap criticism to that of early UFC events.

“It’s the same thing that happened to the UFC, when the UFC started back in 2021 everybody was like this is horrible, this is terrible, this isn’t a real sport…this is brutal, this or that…I’ve heard all this before with the UFC”

White vowed to not listen to the critics of Power Slap and will continue promoting the new league.

“If you listen to the Internet and let them affect and determine how you live your life or run your business, you’re making a big mistake” “I tune all that out, and the media too…if the media says it’s bad you’ve got a winner on your hands, the media knows nothing”

While social media numbers for Power SLap have been strong, the ratings of the TBS show Power Slap: Road To The Title have gone down in recent weeks.

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