NFL Player Accused Of Serially Stealing From Adult Film Stars

NFL player Damon Arnette

Getty Image / Chris Unger

Former Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Damon Arnette has had one heck of a week as he’s now being accused of serially stealing valuables from adult film stars.

The guy has struggled staying out of trouble since entering the NFL in 2020 and this latest accusation doesn’t help his case one bit.

In the midst of facing serious consequences with gun charges, “model Danii Banks has gone viral as she alleges that Arnette stole from her and that she reportedly has it all on camera to back up her claim,” per Sportskeeda.

Banks claims Arnette stole her watch, one of her phones, and even “Zelle’d all my money out of my account.” She then accuses Damon Arnette of doing this all the time with other adult film stars.

Here is her full statement during a guest appearance on Pillow Talk with Ryan Pownall.

“Damon Arnette, a little football player that played for the Raiders, that got kicked off trying to shoot someone or something. Well, I went to the bathroom, stole my f****** Cartier watch, took my other phone, and Zelle’d all my money out of my account. I have it all on camera, him and his friends leaving my house. Come to find out he does that to b****** and then he f****** did it to me.”

Usually, we don’t hear of an NFL player being accused of stealing valuables. But Damon Arnette isn’t your typical player.

With that said, these are just accusations for now. Danii Banks does claim to have video proof and in the clip from Pillow Talk it appears they flash an image from her home camera system.

However, no video evidence is being provided at this time.

This has been one of the more insane weeks for Arnette. I mean, I’m not sure how much more can be piled on at this point.

Not only did he plead guilty for gun charges, but the reports of him visiting with the Dallas Cowboys were apparently false as well, per Bryan Broaddus.

If these accusations are true, it’s hard to imagine Damon Arnette making a roster. Especially considering how much drama Arnette has been involved in since joining the league.

It’s not everyday an NFL player is accused of stealing, but here we are. What a roller coaster of a week it’s been for Damon Arnette.