Danny Amendola And Olivia Culpo Are Back Together (Again), Living It Up On The Beach In Mexico

Danny Amendola Olivia Culpo back together vacation

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Remember when former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo went full savage on her then-boyfriend Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola’s 33rd birthday back in November? Danny Boy was photographed on the beach in Miami with a lovely young lady who wasn’t Culpo and she was NOT having it.

Then last month we got an inkling that perhaps Culpo, 26, had reconciled things with Amendola after his whatever-that-was he was doing on the beach with CBS sports journalist Bianca Peters.

Welp, I don’t know what magic words the 33-year-old Amendola pulled out of his rear-end, but lo and behold the two of them were living it up on social media, sharing pics and videos of themselves together in Playa del Carmen, Mexico over the weekend.


Of course, because many of us live vicariously through others, like Amendola, people had thoughts…





I feel you, Kelly. I feel you. This is the same couple that broke up last March, were back together and “better than ever” in October, and then broke up again last November.

I hate them both.


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