Danny Espinosa’s Epic Mustache Showed Up To Spring Training Ready To Win A Goddamn World Series

The 2015 Spring Training season has officially kicked off with all players reporting to camp, and Washington Nationals infielder Danny Espinosa showed up with perhaps the greatest mustache we’ve seen in baseball since Rollie Fingers.

Just the fact that we have to now talk about Danny Espinosa’s mustache in the same conversation as Rollie Fingers iconic facial hair is a testament to the strength and vitality of this Nats INF’s mustache. So cheers to Danny Espinosa for having the facial hair of a Greek God (which would make Poseidon himself jealous).

I mean, that’s the kind of mustache that’s ready to either fight a bear or whittle a canoe out of a fallen oak tree. It’s the kind of mustache that food gets stuck in because it’s so impressed by the mustache it wants to hug the thick bristles. Danny Espinosa’s mustache is truly special facial hair, it’s Ron Swansonesque.

It’s also extremely refreshing to see a player like Danny Espinosa spend the offseason growing out his robust mustache, and not filling out his gut like many other players have this year (and in the past). Because Spring Training should be a time for these boys to showcase their health and vitality, and not how many chicharrónes they were able to suck down in the offseason.

Also, as a player who only played 44 games in 2013 (114 last season), Danny Espinosa couldn’t have found a better way to raise his public profile than by debuting the greatest mustache we’ve seen in decades.

And while Rollie Fingers is a Hall-of-Fame pitcher with a HOF mustache, we need to decide who has/had the better mustache in baseball. Here’s Rollie Finger’s mustache/facial hair for comparison. Which is better? Rollie fingers’ mustache or Danny Espinosa’s mustache, answers down below in the comments.