Darren Rovell’s Sorry Attempt At Defending Kristaps Porzingis Should Warrant Deportation

I seriously watched this three times over before I realized this was actually Darren Rovell trying to guard Kristaps Porzingis, and not some charity case doing it for a foundation kinda thing. Has to be the most embarrassing moment of his career, right? I didn’t even know it was possible to play defense this bad. Seriously, throw a guy on ice skates out on that court and he probably has a better chance of stopping the New York Knicks forward.

Rovell could’ve fooled me into thinking he was a time traveling caveman with that posture, and the primal scream as if it would affect Godzingis’s shot was just as laughable.

Horrific stuff, Darren. If Trump was president already, this kind of thing would get a man deported! Where’s the heart?

At least Rovell (and his dad) are man enough to admit the lack of their own manhood.

Good try, great effort, Rovell! LOL not.