Leave It To Darren Rovell To Share Inarguably The Weirdest (And Most Sensual) Tribute To Roger Federer

Darren Rovell Shares Inarguably The Weirdest Roger Federer Tribute

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What’s so fascinating to me about Darren Rovell is that he’s essentially the cliche movie nerd come to life. Like, when growing up in the suburbs of New York City, I never actually saw any classmates get a swirlie or get shoved into a locker, and yet in movies and TV shows, it happened all the time. But for some reason, Rovell — seemingly every time he opens his mouth — comes across as someone with a bevy of experience in being picked on in cartoonish ways: wedgies, flaming dog turds on his doorstep, etc.

Take his tribute to tennis icon Roger Federer, who officially announced his retirement on Thursday at the age of 41 years old. It’s difficult to think of anyone on Earth, let alone in sports media, who has the unique ability to make what should be a status-quo “You were awesome, thanks for everything” tweet and make it so inherently… weird.

Darren Rovell pays tribute to Roger Federer by highlighting how much he enjoyed the “flow of his body”

“What I will most remember about Roger Federer: How effortless he made it all look.The movement of his body. The flow of his strokes. All while, seemingly, not ever sweating!” Rovell tweeted shortly after Federer’s announcement.

Naturally, given the phrasing “the movement of his body” and “the flow of his strokes”, sports fans were quick to get on Rovell’s back for, once again, making things weirder than they needed to be.

Despite how goofy Rovell is, I truly hope he never changes, as the times he sticks his foot in his mouth are one of the few internet events that seem to unite us all.

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