Darren Waller Reportedly Blindsided By Raiders-Giants Trade

Darren Waller

Getty Image / Gaelen Morse

There have been several big trades so far in the offseason with more likely to come. However, one of the biggest moves caught everybody off guard, including the player.

The Las Vegas Raiders shocked everybody after they traded Darren Waller to the New York Giants. Waller was just as shocked about the trade as everybody else.

According to Kevin Patra, the star tight end claims, “I did not see this coming. I was getting ready to just do everything I could to make myself available for the Raiders and get ready for everything that was going to start in mid-April.”

At the very least, Darren Waller doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge about the trade, per Patra. “It caught me off guard, but it’s the nature of the business.”

The deal came just a day after Waller and his newlywed WNBA star Kelsey Plum returned from their honeymoon.

Due to the timing of it all, there was some speculation that Josh McDaniels accidentally spoiling the marriage announcement may have led to Darren Waller asking for a trade.

However, based on these reports, it’s safe to say that was not the case by any means.

With that said, Waller is ready to give it his all to the Giants. Although there are some injury concerns, the star tight end is more than confident he can make a difference in New York.

“They can have questions at this moment about my health. Those are legitimate concerns, but I’m somebody that I believe I’ve addressed those issues. I’m willing to come out here and to be the best I can be to be a weapon for this team, a tool that this team can use to get to that next level that they want to go to. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

After being one of the surprise teams last season, the Giants aim to remain competitive. With Darren Waller on the team now, they surely can accomplish that goal.