Remembering A Legend: The Life Of Dave Mirra

Dave Mirra is a name not only synonymous with action sports, but also with the millennial generation and beyond. For the life of me, I just can’t believe he is gone.

So many of us in our 20s and 30s grew up watching the longtime Haro rider push the limits of what was possible on a BMX bike, and surely broke an unfathomable amount of bones in the process of trying to emulate the Miracle Man.

Whether it was buying a bike part because it was what Mirra rode, or a t-shirt because it was the brand he wore, Dave’s impact on the youth culture and action sports world in the 90s was simply unheralded. DC Shoes, Fox Clothing, Haro Bicycles, Adidas, Airwalk, Reebok, Slim Jim, Subaru, Monster Energy…the list of his sponsors and endorsements goes on.

The rivalry with Ryan Nyquist, the first double back-flip in competition, two appearances on Letterman, an almost unprecedented list of medals and credentials in the X-Games and beyond – Mirra was truly one of a kind.

The dude had several amazing video games which rivaled Tony Hawk’s franchise for Christ’s sake!

Simply put, Dave Mirra was a legend that transgressed more than just sport. And he will not be forgotten anytime soon.

An even more extremely detailed timeline of the BMX icon’s life can be found here.