Orioles Pitcher David Hess, MLB Fans Couldn’t Believe He Got Pulled Just 8 Outs From A No-Hitter

David Hess Fans Couldnt Believe He Got Pulled WIth A No-Hitter Going

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Monday night, Baltimore Orioles pitcher David Hess was absolutely cruising in his outing against the Toronto Blue Jays. Through 6-1/3 innings, Hess was up 6-0, had faced just one batter over the minimum, struck out 8 batters and walked one on just 82 pitches, and best of all he had a freaking no-hitter going.

That’s when the Orioles rookie manager Brandon Hyde paid Hyde a visit on the mound.

And took him out of the game.



Naturally, as soon as Hyde was gone from the game the Orioles proceeded to allow two runs to score, and three more in the eighth and ninth innings, and barely eeked out a 6-5 win.

“I was shocked because I knew my pitch count was decently low,” said Hess following the game, reported the AP.

When asked why he made the unpopular decision to pull Hess, Hyde said he had planned to pull him earlier, but left in him because of the no-hit bid, “For David to go beyond that (pitch count) obviously and then some, was incredible. But that was a terrible walk. I hated to do it, but for David’s health and one of, hopefully, 30-plus starts, it was the right thing to do.”

The fact that Hess had also just pitched two innings of relief on March 28th versus the Yankees also played into Hyde’s decision.

So, while no one liked Hyde pulling Hess with a no-hitter going, it wasn’t completely idiotic. It just sucked and didn’t make anyone happy.


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