Vince McMahon’s Grandson Declan Committed To Playing Football For The Hoosiers: Reactions

Declan James McMahon, Vince's Grandson, Commits To Indiana Hoosiers

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  • Declan James McMahon is WWE royalty as the grandson of Vince McMahon and son of Shane McMahon
  • He just committed to play football for the Indiana Hoosiers and the congratulations started rolling in from some of the WWE world’s most famous personalities
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I grew up in that era when WWE was PEAKING with personalities like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince McMahon always seemed like a grownup to me when I was a kid but Shane McMahon seemed like he was old enough to be your older brother at the time. Now he’s got a son, Declan James McMahon, who is about to play college football for the Indiana Hoosiers. Time flies.

The thing about being Shane McMahon’s (est. net worth $100 million) son and Vince McMahon’s (est. net worth $2.3 billion) grandson is you grew up with some famous friends. Your aunt is Stephanie McMahon and you are buddies with John Cena. Heck, your grandmother was just working in the White House a few years ago!

Declan James McMahon Commits To Playing Football For The Indiana Hoosiers

When Declan James McMahon announced he’d committed to playing football for the Indiana Hoosiers he received congratulations from some pretty famous people on Twitter. I speak for myself here, but I had no idea who he was until I saw all of the WWE-related tweets of congratulations. And it didn’t take long for people to start speculating about celebratory moves for Declan.

Declan is listed as QB and RB. He stands 6’0″ (so far) and his listed weight is 192 pounds. He has played high school football at Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn, New York, a team that was ranked 141 overall in the state of New York last year.

WWE Relatives (and fans) Congratulate Declan On His Commitment

Are you ready to feel old???

This needs to happen:

For me, seeing the progeny of famous celebrities and athletes go on to be super successful on their own has always reminded me that they’re better than me. I’m not saying they’re better than you, or everyone, or anyone else, they’re just better than me (at winning/life). I’m okay with that. And I wish him the best of luck.