Colorado State Coach Feeds Deion Sanders Free Motivation By Insulting Coach Prime’s Manners

Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell insulted Deion Sanders
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Deion Sanders has already proved to be one of the best motivators in college football, but Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell decided to play right into his opponent’s hand by insulting his character. It surely will not bode well for him or his team when they travel to Boulder this weekend.

The first two weeks of the season could not have gone any better for the Buffs. They rolled into Texas and snuffed out the reigning national runners-up TCU in Week 1 and then turned around to smack Nebraska in Week 2.

In both instances, Coach Prime found a way to make the game “personal.”

Shedeur Sanders had “extra motivation” to beat the Horned Frogs after he was ignored by their offensive coordinator at a recruiting camp. Colorado then found Matt Rhule’s (mostly innocuous) comments during the offseason to be a direct slight to the program and its head coach.

Coach Prime drove the point home in pregame and the Buffaloes never let the Cornhuskers into the game. It was a dominant effort.

With Week 3 just a few days away, both ESPN’s College GameDay and Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff are headed to Boulder for the Rocky Mountain Showdown. Even though it looks like a blowout on paper, the game is massive for both programs.

It will also be the first time in history that two Black head coaches will square off in the game!

Colorado is expected to beat Colorado State by 23.5 points. It should be the easiest win of the year.

Especially after Norvell’s comments on Wednesday night! He gave the Buffs exactly what they lacked— bulletin board material.

Deion Sanders will make it personal.

Coach Prime often wears a hat and sunglasses during press conferences and media interviews. That was the case on Wednesday.

Not long thereafter, Norvell sat down with ESPN. He took a shot at his opponent a few hours later and insulted the way in which Sanders carries himself.

Colorado has been able to find extra motivation in the opposing coaching staff throughout each of the first two weeks. Colorado State and Norvell had not offered anything of the sort — until Wednesday.

If history is to repeat itself, his comments toward Sanders will not end well.