Shedeur Sanders Blasts Nebraska HC Matt Rhule ‘He Said A lot Of Things About My Pops’

Shedeur Sanders

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Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders has a bone to pick with Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule.

Throughout the week, Colorado HC Deion Sanders said this week was “personal” for his team.

“This our house man. Look around. Ain’t nobody whooping us at the crib…it’s personal.”

During his postgame press conference after beating down Nebraska, Sanders blasted Rhule for having “said a lot of things” about his father in the past.

“It was extremely personal… The coach said a lot of things about my Pops, about the program, but now he wanna act nice. I don’t respect that , hating on another man. You shouldn’t do that. All respect was gone for them and their program. … You disrespected us first.”

Earlier this year many believed Rhule took a shot at Deion when he said that some coaches were only interested in picking up players from the transfer portal over coaching.