Deion Sanders Refused To Answer Simple Question Every Other Pac-12 Coach Responded To

Deion Sanders meeting with media members in 1995

Getty Image / Doug Collier / AFP

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders has yet to call a single game for the Buffs but he continue’s to garner the lion’s share of headlines. For this latest, Deion Sanders apparently refused to answer a question from Action Network‘s Brett McMurphy that every other coach in the Pac-12 answered.

It was a simple question: who is your favorite music artist?

11 coaches answered. Many of them mentioned Country Music stars. Oddly enough, the only musician to appear twice on the list was Mumford & Sons. In 2023??? But Deion Sanders refused to answer according to Brett McMurphy’s tweet:

Since that X/tweet cuts off (thanks, Elon), the full list Pac-12 coaches’ favorite musicians is:

Arizona’s Jedd Fisch: Morgan Wallen
Arizona State’s Kenny Dillingham: Train
Cal’s Justin Wilcox: Bruce Springsteen
Colorado’s Deion Sanders: Would not answer
Oregon’s Dan Lanning: Mumford & Sons
Oregon State’s Jonathan Smith: Eric Church
Stanford’s Troy Taylor: Mat Kearney
UCLA’s Chip Kelly: Mumford & Sons
USC’s Lincoln Riley: Kenny Chesney
Utah’s Kyle Whittingham: The Rolling Stones
Washington’s Kalen DeBoer: Journey
Washington State’s Jacob Dickert: Luke Combs

First off, I still refuse to believe that there are TWO Pac-12 coaches, IN 2023 (!!!), who are claiming Mumford & Sons as their favorite musicians. The math simply does not add up on there. My first thought was maybe Mumford & Sons has been touring through Pac-12 states but they’ve been on tour in Europe all Summer so it simply does not make sense to me.

Back to Coach Prime… Why not answer, my man? What are you hiding???

In the comments, people suggest he didn’t answer because Deion Sanders is Deion Sanders’ favorite musician. I’m not overly familiar with this musical career but as a fellow FSU alum, I know ‘The Seminole Rap’ all too well.

In McMurphy’s replies, one person wrote “Deion probably wanted to select himself (remember the awful “Must Be The Money?”) but knew he would have been dragged so he gave no answer.”

Another person joked “Gotta subscribe to Deion+ to get his answers to fun and harmless questions.” While another inquisitive mind replied “Deion seems fun.” The biggest hater of the group wrote “Deion’s such a beta. We’ll see his true colors after he starts 1-5.”

Someone also pointed out that if Train is one’s favorite music group, that person should at least have the self-awareness to know not to admit that in public. Personally, I think if you like something you should own it. If it makes you happy and isn’t bothering anyone else, don’t hide from it.

Alas, the world is left to guess what Deion Sanders’ favorite music act is.

If I had to wager a guess I’d say T-Pain because he’s a Tallahassee rapper or Nelly because ‘Shake Your Tail Feathers’ had FSU’s ‘Warchant’ in the background, but that’s the Seminole in me and I know Deion moved on from FSU decades ago. He told me so in an interview about 15 years ago when I was foolish enough to ask him a question about Bobby Bowden thinking he’d want to talk FSU….