Deion Sanders Puts JSU Player On Blast During Team Meeting For Using His Private Luxury Bathroom

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Deion Sanders is a very giving person. He gives back to his community, gives back to his players, and gives back to his university.

However, that does not mean that he is giving his players access to his private toilet. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

As Jackson State gears up for the 2022 season, the Tigers are in their incredible, brand new, multimillion dollar facility for Fall Camp. It was literally built over the course of the last few months, so everything is updated and renovated. That is presumably the case with the bathrooms as well.

That makes the act of one guilty Jackson State player even more egregious. Sanders, who goes by Coach Prime, takes his bathrooms very seriously.

Earlier this year, during spring practice, Coach Prime went off about how his players were treating their new bathrooms properly. He was very clear that they should not leave toilet paper — which he hilariously calls “booty paper” — on the seats, floors, or otherwise.

On Monday, Sanders went on another rant about the bathroom. This time, it was not the team bathroom, but his bathroom.

In a video of yesterday’s team meeting, Sanders pulls up a video of his bathroom and shows the shape in which it was left. In the video, he points out that the culprit made the mistake of leaving his spiral notebook in the bathroom. That was a bad move.

Sanders took the notebook and didn’t even have to read the name before the player who used his bathroom walked up to the front and claimed it back.

Sanders could have been a lot angrier, but his point was made and it was rather funny for those who weren’t involved.

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