Raiders QB Derek Carr Wants To Fight ‘First Take’ Hosts Stephen A. Smith And Max Kellerman, Smith Responds On Twitter

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Raiders QB Derek Carr doesn’t appear to be a fan of ESPN’s First Take.

Early this morning, First Take host Max Kellerman talked about how the Raiders should draft Kyler Murray after implying that Carr quit on the team last season.

Pretty obvious, Carr is not the the long term answer there,” “You could see that, especially the first half of the season. I mean, I stopped watching Carr a lot the second of the season, who cares about the Raiders second half? But the first half of the season, he looked shell-shocked. He looked like a quarterback who had quit.”

You can see when quarterbacks don’t want it. Carr didn’t want it. I think Gruden knows they have to move on. The question is can they get anything for him.

Carr apparently saw Kellerman’s quote and challenged him and First Take co-host to a UFC fight.

Stepgen A Smith fired back at Carr on Twitter and invited him over on the show.

I would to see Carr go on First Take to confront Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith, would be amazing television.

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