Derek Jeter Invalidated Every Item on His Scouting Report on One Play

by 5 years ago


Last weekend, the most exhaustively researched scouting report on Derek Jeter surfaced. It lauded his leadership and ability to play the game with more class than any player in baseball history.


Pretty complimentary stuff, right? Well, BroBible has obtained footage proving this report is nothing more than a dirty lie.

The video comes from last night’s New York Yankees-Seattle Mariners game. You can clearly see The Captain do the opposite of what the scouting report says he should do in the situation. It’s pretty arresting material and any unreasonable Yankee fan should seriously consider the consequences before watching.

Not only does Derek Jeter show a complete lack of leadership by relaxing during a live ball, he engenders anger in his starting pitcher, David Phelps, as Kyle Seager sprints to third for a bizarre triple. Was he even paying attention? Not very professional. Almost Bush League, really.

This is definintely not the right way to play the game. If mindless loafing were the preferred way to play, stodgy old sportswriters would have saved a lot of ink and hand-wringing. Seriously. If Yasiel Puig had done something like this, Murray Chass would be calling for his head a la John the Baptist.

And finally, let me just say that no player at any level should use this bit of terrible defense as an example. They should stick to the Tom Emanski instructional videos. You never saw any kid wandering around with his back to an active baserunner in those.

We fully expect to see a new, more realistic scouting report in light of this development.

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