Derek Jeter Stole Someone’s Girl At A Club And The Guy Tweeted About The Entire Encounter

Derek Jeter during batting practice

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Derek Jeter is a baseball legend and first-ballot Hall of Famer who got endorsed by 99.7% of the voters tasked with determining who gets immortalized in Cooperstown (only one person didn’t vote for him, and while no one knows who it was, the longtime Yankee let them hear it during his induction speech).

Jeter was obviously known for his skills on the diamond, but over the years, he also earned a reputation for being very suave with the ladies off of it; he was linked to an impressive number of models and actresses over the course of his career, and plenty of gossip made the rounds.

There were more than a few stories about his romantic endeavors that didn’t exactly cast him in the best light, like allegedly saying “Yeah Jeets” to give himself some encouragement in the bedroom and supposedly handing out gift baskets to flings in the morning (a rumor Jeter has denied).

However, it’s very doubtful he’d dispute two objective facts: he knew how to play baseball and had an uncanny ability to attract women.

In some cases, those women were already linked with other men—but Jeter was an athlete at heart and a little defense usually didn’t stop him from working his magic.

A comedian tweeted a hilarious story about Derek Jeter stealing his girl at a club

Derek Jeter at the HOF induction

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The tale of Derek Jeter “stealing” a girl from comedian Ricky Smith at a club is an all-time classic that not enough people are aware of.

Yes, most people know the shortstop was unfairly smooth, but it’s hard to appreciate just how smooth he was unless you saw him do his thing in person—and Smith was unfortunately “lucky” enough to witness him do exactly that at his expense.

It’s not entirely clear when the heist transpired, but Smith took the time to detail what went down in a string of tweets he posted back in 2014 that are worth another look.

This is a great point. What are you supposed to do? It’s the shortstop for the Bronx Bombers! You can’t try to win her back. It’s over.

A lot of couples will “joke” about “hall passes” and the people they’d let their significant other hook up with if given the chance, and I can only imagine plenty of women had Jeter on their list at some point in time (and even if he wasn’t on this particular woman’s list, I can understand why it might be hard not to let it slide regardless).

This one hurts.

At first, I wondered why anyone would even notice that it happened, but when you really think about it, of course everyone saw.

You’re at a club and one of the most famous baseball players on the planet walks in. Everyone is going to stare at Jeter the entire night and watch his every move. When he approaches your girl, the people in the club are going to see that it’s your girl and that Derek Jeter just stole your girl.

When will the hits stop coming, Ricky? Having your girl taken is one thing, but in a time before Uber, having a ride stripped away from you might have been the worst possible outcome.

I think the right move for Ricky here would have been to allow Jeter to continue his theft but politely ask Derek (or his driver) to drop him off at home before the two love birds continued their night.

That’s a tough one to swallow.

Smith went on to say his night somehow went from bad to worse; while sitting alone at the bar, a waitress came up and asked him if he had another credit card for the bottle service he ordered because the one he provided was declined, so he also had to take a bus back to his hotel to get one.

So, to recap Ricky’s night: He lost his girl to Jeter, had no ride, his card got declined, and he had to take a bus back from the club. At least there’s really nowhere to go but up from there.