This Derrick Rose Memorial Is The Saddest Thing You’ll See Today


Oft-injured Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose has drained the city’s emotions completely dry. They’ve tried so damn hard to be patient as the former No. 1 pick fights through an unfair spate of serious injuries.

But they may be cracking.

Witness this makeshift memorial to their favorite native son. It will surely bum you out.

Constructed under a freeway–and on the spot some claimed they saw the Virgin Mary–the tribute features Rose with a crown of thrones.

Subtle imagery for a promised messiah.

The artists behind the D-Rose work say it’s both a personal tribute to Rose and a tribute for the city, which has watched as Rose suffered serious knee injuries in each of the past three seasons.

“His whole story is almost a religious event — it’s an impossible turn of events and now he’s going through this hard time,” said David Beltran, 30, who created the work with fellow artist Brendan Carroll, 23, and pasted it up Sunday at noon.

Most of the original items at the memorial, the candles, knee pads and crutches were supplied by Beltran and Carroll, but visitors have been adding new elements over the past two days.

“We want people to keep adding to it and we want it to stay up until the playoffs,” Beltran said.

Get ahold of your lives, Chicagoans. Snap out of this real-world Greek tragedy you’ve imposed on yourself.

He’ll be back one day. He’s not dead. He’s injured.

What’s next? Subscribing to some harebrained theory about a cursed billy goat?

[H/T: DNA Info]