Awful Fans Are Harassing Deshaun Watson’s Sexual Assault Accuser On Social Media, Leaving One-Star Reviews On Her Business Page

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Some fans are taking their fandom too far during the Deshaun Watson sexual assault case.

On Tuesday afternoon, massage therapist Ashley Solis became the first woman to publicly speak out about the sexual assault she faced during a session with the Texans’ QB back in 2020.

Immediately after Solis’ press conference, some fans found her Instagram page and began harassing her by leaving awful comments on her pictures.

Other women named Ashley Solis, who were mistaken for the accuser, also received threatening messages from fans.

Solis’ Google business page was also flooded with negative one-star reviews on Tuesday.

As of now, 22 women have accused Watson of sexual assault but Solis is still the only one to come forward publicly.